Nichts Magazin

more to look at than to read

The idea of Nichts Magazin is to present unique works of art without unnecessary critical or informational ballast. Viewers/Readers are left free to experience, ponder and interpret the contents, which might inspire further research …
or not.

The process of creating an issue of Nichts Magazin is just as important as the published work. The creative process is based on unfettered cooperation between the artists and the editors. Guest artists create pages that become autonomous works of art or visual explications on a chosen theme.

Call for pages for 2nd issue

theme: It is how it is

Proposals for pages should be sent to:
By submitting a page, the artist agrees to its publication in Nichts Magazin in print and on the Internet.

Page specifications:
-format: A3 (297 x 420 mm)
-print safe area: 287 x 410 mm
-resolution: 300dpi
-files: pdf, tiff, jpg
-color space: RGB (for web) and CMYK (for print)
-captions should be sent separately (name, surname, country, title, year, contact: www or e-mail)

Confirmed artists:

Emilia Bober [PL]
Idalia Candelas [MX]
Martyna Ciupka [PL]
Tomasz Domański [PL]
Marta Frej [PL]
Thea Gahr [USA]
Michał Gayer [PL]
Agnieszka Gotowała [PL]
Marcelina Groń [PL]
Ewelina Jarosz [PL]
Nanna Heiring Juelsbo [DK]
Izabela Kaczmarek-Szurek (FORMALLINA) [PL]
Lilla Kasztner [HU]
Kamil Kawalec [PL]
Ji Min Kim [JP]
Áron Majoros [HU]
Tomaso Marcolla [IT]
Mariusz Maślanka [PL]
Magda Moskwa [PL]
Csenge Lantos [HU]
Katherine Lewis [CA]
Aleka Polis [PL]
Marek Rachwalik [PL]
Post–Noviki [PL]
Stach Szumski [PL]
Erik Tlaseca [MX]
Aleksandra Urban [PL]
Maurycy Wiliczkiewicz [PL]
Bartosz Zaskórski [PL]
Zuza Ziółkowska/Hercberg [PL]
Basia Żłobińska [PL]

1st issue